Sustainable Construction Commitment

Swank Construction, Inc. has for years made it a policy to control how construction waste is disposed of in the most sustainable way possible. Currently, it is standard policy to separate and recycle materials (cardboard, concrete, glass, metal, wood, etc.) in one of a half dozen company owned and managed segregated waste containers. In 2009, Swank Construction, Inc. completed construction of the Yountville Town Center, a $9.25 million dollar plus LEED Gold building contract. Swank Construction, Inc. excelled at the contractor driven portions including: exceeding the 95% waste diversion, 75% FSC lumber procurement, indoor air quality requirements, and meeting the architect mandated water conservation, energy conservation, regional material acquisition and recycled content acquisition. Swank Construction Inc.’s team has a thorough understanding and appreciation of the LEED program and requirements to provide a complete sustainable project.